Freedom of Information disclosure and information publication scheme

Making a Freedom of Information (FOI) request

In order for the us to process your request as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible cost, your request must:

  • be made in writing 
  • state that you are seeking information in accordance with the FOI Act 
  • provide enough information for us to clearly identify the scope of your request, the time periods your request falls under and the category of documents sought. i.e. reports, minutes, emails etc. 
  • specify an address (either email or physical) so that we can correspond with you about your request.

Although not a requirement under the FOI Act, you may also wish to provide a phone number to make it easier for us to consult with you about your request.

You can find out more about making FOI requests via the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

FOI requests should be sent to:
FOI Officer, Wine Australia, PO Box 2733 KENT TOWN 5071
Or via email

Freedom of Information disclosure log

The FOI Act requires us to keep a disclosure log on our website. The disclosure log lists disclosures of information that have been released in response to freedom of information requests in the past .  Generally, Wine Australia will make this information available for public access for 12 months, after which it can be requested.

Information is published on the disclosure log between one and 10 days after it is released to the FOI applicant.

The information listed may be obtained by writing to Wine Australia. A charge may be imposed to reimburse for the cost incurred in copying or reproducing the information or sending it to you.

Wine Australia disclosure log 

Reference number Date released to applicant Summary of FOI request received Summary of documents released (And whether released in full or in part) Other information  
AGWA180915 15 October 2015 Export documentation
  1. Documentation pertaining to the relevant exporter and submitted via Wine Australia's Wine Export Approval System; and
  2. documents relating to export permits issued to the relevant exporter.
The information was released on the grounds that the applicant had been nominated as a qualified person by the relevant exporter  
AGWA051216 23 December 2016 Documents relating to:
  • the current Freedom of Information Delegations; and
  • any related directions issued in respect of Freedom of Information.
All relevant documents released in full including:
  • An email thread relating to Freedom of Information delegations
  • An instrument of delegation confirming the authority arrangement with respect FOI requests made to Wine Australia
  • A copy of Wine Australia's Freedom of Information Policy
WA06112019 18 April 2019 Wine Australia’s operational information including policies, guidelines, codes of practice and procedures governing Freedom of Information. 
  1. Wine Australia’s Freedom of Information Policy 
GIC14012020 26 February 2020 Any application made to the Geographical Indications Committee (GIC) with respect to the grape growing area of Wilyabrup, and any material that indicates the matters considered by the GIC in deciding whether to make an interim determination of Wilyabrup in relation to the criteria set out in section 57 of the Wine Australia Regulations 2018.
  1.  Application submitted to the GIC for the determination of Wilyabrup as a geographical indication (GI) on 8 November 2017.
  2. The brief prepared by the Registrar of Geographical Indications and Other Terms to assist the GIC in making its decision with respect to interim determination of Wilyabrup as a geographical indication.
  3. The following attachments to the above:
    • An analysis of the application submitted on 8 November 2017 (identified as Annexure 2 in the brief)
    • A table mapping section 57 elements against the GI application (identified as Annexure 31 in the brief)
    • Maps generated by Wine Australia (identified as Annexure 23 in the brief)
    • Excerpt of Division 4 of Part VIB of the Wine Australia Act 2013, and section 57 of the Wine Australia Regulations 2018 (identified as Annexure 32 in the brief).
  4. Additional information submitted to support the application of 8 November 2017 being:
    • Report and overall summary by Dr John Gladstones (identified as Annexure 18 in the brief)*
    • CV Dr Jatin Kala, Senior lecturer in Atmospheric science and ARC DECRA fellow (identified as Annexure 19 in the brief)
    • Climatic data report from Dr Jatin Kala (identified as Annexure 20 in the brief)*
    • Wilyabrup map (identified as Annexure 21 in the brief)
    • Wilyabrup GI textural description (identified as Annexure 22 in the brief).
  5. Minutes of the GIC meeting of 15 November 2019 at which it first formally considered the second application.
  6. Minutes of the GIC meeting of 4 December 2019 at which the decision to make an interim determination was made.
 *A third party objected to the disclosure of these documents
WA25022020 8 April 2020
  1. A copy of six specific contracts between Wine Australia and Hellmann
  2. A copy of Wine Australia’s procurement policy; and any documented decisions relating to Wine Australia’s selection of the freight forwarder.
  3. A list of business names and addresses that Wine Australia maintains for the purposes of sending information to its stakeholders
  1. Wine Australia’s Procurement Policy
  2. Logistics Briefing – China Roadshow 2019 and Logistics Briefing – China Roadshow 2020 (released in part)
GIC11082020 9 October 2020
  • a copy of the brief considered by the Geographical Indications Committee in deciding not to make a final determination of Wilyabrup as a Geographical Indication on 30 July 2020; and
  • a copy of the Margaret River Wine Association’s submission to the GIC opposing the proposed Geographical Indication, Wilyabrup.

The final brief considered by the Geographical Indications Committee including the submission by the Margaret River Wine Association with necessary redactions to prevent the unreasonable disclosure of personal information.

An extension was allowed for third-party consultation



Information publication plan

We are required to publish a broad range of information on our website under the FOI Act, including a plan showing how we propose to implement the Information Publication Scheme.

Our Information Publication Plan can be found here

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.