Digital marketplaces connecting Australian wine globally
Last updated 06 Dec 2021

Wine Australia is doubling down on its digital marketplace Australian Wine CONNECT through a partnership with Vinexpo and its Vinexposium Connect platform that will add further value through cultivating additional connections for Australian wineries to the global trade audience.

Australian wine exports reflect challenging year
Last updated 19 Oct 2021

Australian wine exports decreased by 24 per cent in value to $2.27 billion and 17 per cent in volume to 638 million litres in the year ended September 2021, according to Wine Australia’s latest Export Report released today.

Wine Australia thanks outgoing marketing GM Stuart Barclay
Last updated 18 Oct 2021

The Wine Australia Board today thanked the General Manager of Marketing Stuart Barclay for his instrumental role in leading Wine Australia’s global marketing strategy over the past seven years.

Direct-to-consumer wine sales adapt to COVID-19 business conditions
Last updated 07 Oct 2021

Australian wine direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales in 2020–21 are reported to have grown by 17 per cent in value and 14 per cent in volume, compared with the previous financial year, outperforming other sales channels according to Wine Australia’s Wine Direct-to-Consumer Survey Report 2021 released today.

Australia’s knowledge and response to grapevine phylloxera is evolving
Last updated 22 Sep 2021

An Agriculture Victoria research project studying phylloxera has revealed new ways to improve detection and management of the destructive grapevine pest. Over the past three years, a $1.5 million project co-funded with Wine Australia has delivered a new portable technology for rapid identification of phylloxera in the field, new knowledge in assisting screening of rootstock resistance, and new disinfestation practices to help prevent the pest from spreading.

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Could undervine cover crops work in warmer and drier conditions?
Last updated 12 Nov 2021

A growing body of research demonstrates that planting undervine cover crops to reduce weeds can benefit soil health and possibly soil temperature – but the practice can be challenging in warmer and drier conditions. Now, a new research project in the Riverland is investigating the practice as a non-chemical weed management option for warmer and drier regions.

A new standard to reduce biosecurity risks of grapevine planting material
Last updated 12 Nov 2021

A new Grapevine Propagation Standard is being developed for the Australian grape and wine sector. The Standard will provide assurance to growers, vineyard managers and winemakers that any new grapevine planting material has been produced in a way that demonstrates best practice in virus and grapevine trunk disease management, traceability and identity verification.

Roadmap to reducing agricultural waste
Last updated 12 Nov 2021

A new ‘roadmap’ to establish sustainable methods for reducing and managing waste in Australia’s rural industries – including the grape and wine sector – is underway.

New podcast series connects growers and winemakers with best practice
Last updated 15 Oct 2021

The Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO), with funding from Wine Australia, has launched two podcasts as part of a new series Grower, Maker, Researcher Wine Industry Insights looking at current best practice in the vineyard and winery, and what’s on the horizon.

Colour the fabric of Mandy’s life and career
Last updated 15 Oct 2021

This month, we feature Dr Mandy Walker Research Team Leader with CSIRO’s Agriculture and Food Adelaide Laboratory as our Researcher In Focus. One cold Saturday morning in a biochemistry lab in Canberra’s Australian National University (ANU), honours student Mandy Walker was developing in-situ hybridisation slides for a very innovative, but risky project.

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New insights into Australian wine consumer behaviour through COVID-19
Last updated 07 Dec 2021

A new report, released today, has provided a range of insights into Australia’s domestic market consumer’s behaviour and how these have been impacted by COVID-19, as well as opportunities for wineries to increase sales through winery-owned channels.

The most recent developments in the world’s largest wine market
Last updated 16 Nov 2021

Wine Australia’s Market Update: United States of America, released today, reports on the latest situation in the market, including economic forces, the alcoholic beverage landscape, wine consumption levels, and Australian export performance. 

Australian wine’s competitors and where they are exporting
Last updated 02 Nov 2021

Australia exports around 60 per cent of the wine it produces hence it is critical to understand who its key competitor countries are, what they produce and where they export to. This can help discover potential market opportunities and gaps for Australian wine.

Sequence of global events impact Australian wine exports
Last updated 19 Oct 2021

A sequence of events in international markets have combined to lower the volume and value of Australian wine exports, as detailed in Wine Australia’s Export Report for the year ended September 2021, released today.

Direct-to-consumer wine sales adapt in the first full year of COVID-19 business conditions
Last updated 07 Oct 2021

Australian wineries have reported in Wine Australia’s Wine Direct-to-Consumer Survey Report 2021 that direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales grew strongly in 2020–21, up by 17 per cent in value and 14 per cent in volume compared to the previous financial year. By contrast, overall sales value for survey respondents grew by 1 per cent, while volume declined by 5 per cent.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.