Strategy and planning

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2020–25 details how we will invest the Australian grape and wine community’s levies and other fees, along with the Australian government funding, over the next five years to assist the sector to be profitable, resilient and sustainable.

Our Board sets our strategy, guided by the vision, goals and priorities of our funders. In concert with our representative organisation Australian Grape & Wine Incorporated, we consulted extensively with our stakeholders to understand their priorities, which are reflected in Vision 2050 and this plan.

Our plan sets out how we will address these priorities in accordance with our remit.

We will invest for the sector’s success through five strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Market Australian wine to increase the demand and the premium paid for all Australian wine.
  • Strategy 2: Protect the reputation of Australian wine by maintaining the reputation and integrity of Australian wine in all our markets, including the domestic market.
  • Strategy 3: Enhance grape and wine excellence with research outcomes that allow grapegrowers and wine producers to excel.
  • Strategy 4: Grow sustainable environments by providing knowledge and tools to support growers and producers in implementing environmental stewardship practices.
  • Strategy 5: Build business sustainability, excellence and leadership by accelerating the adoption of research outcomes and best practice.

We seek to foster and encourage profitable, resilient and sustainable Australian winegrape and wine businesses by investing in research and development, building markets, disseminating market information and knowledge, encouraging adoption, ensuring compliance through our regulatory functions and administering the Export and Regional Wine Support Package ($50m Package).


Annual Operational Plan

Since Wine Australia’s 2020-25 Strategic Plan was approved in June 2020, the environment within which we operate has been significantly impacted by COVID–19 restrictions, and the imposition of significant tariffs on Australian wine imported to China.

With the China market effectively closed to Australia in the short to medium term diversification is in the spotlight. Aligning with Austrade, we will focus our resources to drive penetration in the traditional markets of North America, the United Kingdom (UK) and Continental Europe and diversify into the ASEAN/APAC regions. 

Our Annual Operational Plan 2021-22 takes into account the impact of the drop in exports on levies and export charges resulting in a reduction to marketing funds, smaller campaigns, a changed operational structure and reduced geographical remit in 2021–22.

We need to market smarter, focusing on strategies that drive the most value, optimising our marketing channels, communications touchpoints, and partnerships. Fortunately, while the Australian Government’s $50m Package funding has largely been expended it has left Wine Australia judiciously positioned to deliver marketing outcomes by amplifying the work that’s gone before.

Our focus for 2021–22 is to achieve the strongest return for the grape and wine sector by delivering the objectives of our Strategic Plan as effectively and as efficiently as possible. We will meet our sectors’ needs while adapting to the changing business and operating environment caused by COVID-19.

A key initiative will be the introduction of the Wine Label Directory, to strengthen the integrity of Australian wine labels and to make it easier for brand owners to detect potentially fraudulent activity. An initiative of the sector, led by Australian Grape & Wine (AGW), the Directory, will be publicly accessible via the Export Label Image Search System (ELISS) from 1 July 2021. 

During 2021–22 we will continue to work closely with AGW and our stakeholder groups to ensure that our activities remain aligned with sector objectives. We will communicate clearly and consult widely, so that we are aware of the sector’s needs and the sector knows how we are contributing. By leveraging the work of our research partners, we will help our sector be sustainable and so Australian wine is known internationally for stewardship as well as quality. 

The bonds and camaraderie of the Australian wine community are stronger than ever, the challenges faced in recent times driving innovation, boldness and excellence.

Extension and adoption strategy

Our Extension and Adoption Strategy 2020-25 details the approach to extension and adoption activities from July 2020. The extension and adoption strategy is aligned with the Wine Australia Strategic Plan 2020–25. This strategy was developed as part of a review of Wine Australia’s investments in extension activities during 2019–20. The results are available in Strategic review of extension and adoption in the wine sector: Final report by Forest Hill Consulting. 

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.